Makeup Brush Set
Makeup Brush Set
Makeup Brush Set

10 Makeup Brush Set Rose Gold

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Let’s face it, you girls know how important it is to use a makeup brush to apply makeup every morning or evening. Sure, you can use your fingers, but a makeup brush is all about what you want to look like when you’re done.  If you were to use your fingers, the application would be more concentrated.  Plus, when you use your fingers, it can get a bit more messy than it should be, and that is why we recommend using a makeup brush.

With this makeup brush set right here, you’ll get all of the brushes you need, whether you’re applying blush, foundation, or eyeshadow. Brushes are versatile and are great for blending, precision and giving that nice airbrushed looking finish. Also, while applying makeup, while it has a lot to do with the type of brush you use (these brushes are great), how you hold the brush matters because it affects your control. So, while using the brush, make sure you use light pressure and the bristles shouldn’t bend on your skin – use light, circular or sweeping motions.

These brushes are great for applying everyday makeup, but you can take the fluffy brush and turn it into a flat, angled brush by flattening the bristles with your fingers.

This set includes:

Liquid Foundation Brush – This brush is used to apply liquid foundation.

Smudging Brush – This is a brush that is used to create a nice smoky eye look.

Medium Blender – Great for blending out eyeshadows.

Small Cream Shadow Blush – This brush is used for applying cream eyeshadow or eyeshadow primers.

In all, with this makeup brush set, you will receive a total of 10 brushes – take a look at the picture so that you can see what you will be getting.


  • Professionals all around the world use this product
  • Have amazing Synthetic Hair 
  • Firm grip handle design 
  • Animal-cruelty free 


What's included with this 10 Makeup Brush Set

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