Password Lock For Wine Bottle

Password Lock For Wine Bottle

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Model Number: Lock
Size: 44.6mm*44.5mm
Lock Type: red wine Lock

With a wine bottle lock you are more saver from thieves and you can please your own combination on the lock itself. This lock is designed to fit almost all the liquor bottles. This wine lock ensures the bottles are remained sealed and tight and can put up to 4 digit combinations.


How to Set Everything Up Guide 

  • 1: Holding the silver button on top, press hard.
  • 2:Adjust the number always to 000 as a password for starters and then set your new password with 4 digits.
  • 3: Release the button and your password is done.


Digital Lock for your wine bottles, very high quality.

Used or new win bottles, lock in place and useful for gifts. The sealed wine bottles, either white or red wine makes the taste the same like you first opened it. The sealing is very well done and you will be pleased. Very ideal for wine shops, in super market and hotels, also for general gifts.

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